Faro Capo-Spartivento: dedicato a chi sa perdersi

Faro Capo-Spartivento: dedicato a chi sa perdersi

Soggiorno al Faro

The Mediterranean scrub unveils the promontory of Cape Spartivento before it shows itself to the eyes of the traveller, wrapping them up in its scent.

On the summit, where the boundaries between sky and sea gently
merge, the guardian of the promontory opens its ancient walls to guests, which join the rocks as a natural extension of them. Capo-Spartivento Lighthouse becomes a berth of retreat, where hospitality, care and silence are the common elements.

Residenza Semaforisti

Behind the lighthouse, nestled in the wild setting of the promontory, the Residenza Semaforisti offers its spaces that straddle history and contemporaneity. The structure, which once served as lodgings for lighthouse workers, is the first example of military architecture in Italy intended for reception and hospitality. To testify to its historical relevance, the building still shows the signs of the low-altitude machine guns of American aircraft, a deep legacy of its past.

A door suspended between sky and sea. Forgotten for many years, then rediscovered and narrated in its second life.

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