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Before you can see a lighthouse you must imagine it

The history of Capo-Spartivento’s Lighthouse

Built in 1854 by the Italian Navy, the Lighthouse of Capo Spartivento was one of twenty lighthouses wanted by Victor Emmanuel II of Savoy, whose wrought-iron initials still feature above the entrance door.
Target of the American planes’ machine guns during World War II, it was restored only once, right after the conflict.
It housed the lighthouse keepers up until the 1980s, when the light signal was automated and their work no longer required.

It faded into oblivion for over 30 years, until 2006, when its new life began.
A metamorphosis that started years ago, a childhood dream set aside for a long time, an ambitious project that has become reality thanks to the passion and dedication of those who put their heart and soul in it.
Today, with its guiding light still shining, Faro Capo-Spartivento is the first and only lighthouse in Italy that has been converted into a guest house: a project prized by the Italian Navy as a fine example of military architectural restoration.

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The Lighthouse renovation project

Preserving the charm of a Mediterranean lighthouse by discreetly and tastefully renovating the interior and exterior, the materials and the furnishings, to make it a fine example of Mediterranean minimalist style.

The restoration of the Lighthouse, which lasted eight long years, was a substantial but at the same time respectful project that radically transformed the building's purpose of use, while carefully preserving its historical value in a location that belongs to the community.

The final result is a structure in which environment, architecture and tourism come together using only locally sourced materials and following the principles of sustainable building.
Stone, granite, basalt, wrought-iron, wood and sea water played important roles both inside and outside Faro Capo-Spartivento’s building. Hot water and electricity are produced using solar panels. Thanks to a desalinator, sea water can be used for the normal functions of the building, while a purification system allows to reuse the water for the garden.

The cleaver layout, to accommodate the building’s new purpose, creates a new concept of lighthouse as a structure projected not just towards the sea but also the inland.
The result harmoniously blends in with the environment. During the day the Lighthouse dominates the natural surroundings, at night is shines in all its beauty, thanks to a play of artificial and natural light that animates the building.
Faro Capo-Spartivento is an architecture of light that after 160 years keeps shining bright and showing mariners the way to safety.


The white minimalist style of the interiors and the essential lines of the outdoor spaces are the backdrop of a number of unique objects from different ages and parts of the world.
To those who know how to listen, all objects and materials tell stories of far-away countries and old craftsmanship traditions, as unique as those of the lighthouse they live in.

In the magical atmosphere of Capo Spartivento, breakfast around the pool is enjoyed at tables created from old Turkish carts; a majestic Indian trunk is the perfect place to keep books in the tearoom; in the bathrooms on the ground floor the basins are set into an old Mongolian mortar and the frame of a mirror conceals 42 Indian stamps, used to print textiles.

These unique manufactures live side by side with designer objects, such as the Murano red crystal lamps and Louis XIV white leather sofas that are found in the lounge.

Without losing sight of the horizon that can be admired from its windows, every detail inside the Lighthouse is a tribute to the passion for travel.

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Guest House Faro Capo-Spartivento
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