The beauty of quietness

Your exclusive retreat in Sardinia

Reliable and familiar, the lantern comes on every evening, as it has done for the past 160 years.
Capo Spartivento’s Lighthouse continues being a guiding light for sailors, a promise of safety for the contemplative and the troubled.
Without losing its soul, the quiet guardian of Sardinia’s south coast opens its doors and is reborn as an exclusive Guest House and 5 Star Hotel.

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Feel at home.

Instead of finding a reception, on arrival you will be met by the warm, professional welcome of our staff, a discrete liaison between you and the Lighthouse.
With few, well-suited fellow travellers, your journey will go beyond the walls of a Suite.
You will have at your disposal the unlimited space of a Mediterranean horizon and days of an experience you will never forget, carefully tailored to meet your needs.
You will be free to decide at what time to have breakfast, which book to take from the bookshelf, from which corner of the terrace to admire the sunset. You will agree your lunch and dinner menu with the chef, and of course select the bottle of wine you prefer from our cellar.

Feel at the Lighthouse.

Today, Faro Capo-Spartivento is the only Italian lighthouse that offers accommodation, promising a truly unique experience between its old walls: a new concept of luxury, where exclusivity and authenticity come together.
For you to enjoy the Lighthouse fully and freely, during your stay our staff will be a discrete presence.
We will not offer a ready-made holiday, a performance arranged in every detail. Nature takes centre stage on Capo Spartivento’s rocky promontory and will offer you monologues of tranquillity and passionate interpretations.

From its dominating position overlooking this wild corner of coast, Faro Capo-Spartivento doesn’t offer you a holiday that follows a script, but your personal Lighthouse Experience in Sardinia.

Reserve your experience

Guest House Faro Capo-Spartivento
Guest House Faro Capo-Spartivento
Guest House Faro Capo-Spartivento
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